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Composite Repair?

Broken, delaminated, Osmosis, missing; the list goes on. If it is made out of fiberglass, Carbon Fiber or Kevlar we can repair, build and modify it to any shape or form putting it back to its original orientation and keeping its residual strength. We operate in a new modern facility with many controlled environments to ensure quality control and safety to the fullest. Our air exceeds ISO-8573.1.


Parks Composites has the capability,  facilities,  knowledge and experience to tackle all levels of projects. In our 20,000sqf Facilities we practise many processes in the Composite industry weekly including: Resin Infusion, Hand layup, Press Molding and Chopper Gun techniques. From the Drawing Board to CAD to CAM to Tooling the part or mold, we can turn you idea into reality and a quality product.

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Snowmobile Hoods.

We manufacture over 80 reproduction and custom racing snowmobile hoods dating back to the early 70's. All of our hoods come with the OEM colors as original or custom colors are  available for extra. These are handmade products with quality Canadian made materials assuring the best snowmobile hoods on the market. All mounting hardware for lights and air boxes come fabricated in hoods that require.


~Customer Testimonial~

" I worked with Adam on a marine restoration project from late 2017 through 2018. He came in on time, on budget and did a spectacular job restoring my Velocity to her former glory. Adam stayed in contact with me regularly, was very accommodating and took keen interest  that i was satisfied with the progress made. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Adam and his work. Honest, quality and hard work."

Kevin Wauchope.


Larry Sends It with our lightweight Parks Composites OEM Replacement Hood.

Check out the Time Lapse Video Hand Building this Hood. #LarryEnticer

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New Product Release.

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